Alton Towers Teases More of The Smiler aka SW7 Towers Teases More of The Smiler aka SW7

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The mystery surroudning Alton Tower’s new Gerstlauer coaster for 2013 continues to grow.  From Alton Towers describing it as a ‘worlds first’ without giving us what is a first of.  We do have an official name for the coaster now, The Smiler.  And as you can see from the photos, it is quite an appropriate name.

Holy twisted steel Batman!
One of the rumors floating around is that the coaster will feature some sort of ‘worlds first’ type of inversion, possibly photographed above, but other than that, Alton Towers is keeping tight lipped about the ride and keeping the specifics under wraps.  Some of the statistics are known and are compared to other attractions found in Alton Towers below.
  • A top speed of 85 kilometres-per-hour (around 53 MPH) – 10kph faster than Air
  • Highest drop of 30 metres (around 90 feet)
  • A track length of 1,170 metres (or around 3,838 feet) – three times the length of Oblivion
  • A ride time of 165 seconds – three times longer than Rita
  • A capacity of 16 (4x rows of 4) passengers per ride train
  • Minimum rider height 1.4m or approximately 4.5 feet
  • Location is in the X Sector section of the park
Whatever the statistics, The Smiler is surely going to be one heck of a ride when it opens later this year!

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