New Test Track POV and Review

Today I finally had the chance to ride the newly re-designed Test Track at Epcot.  It has been completely re-designed with a new theme and feel throughout the attraction.  Instead of the ride focusing on the physical parts of the car, such as suspension, corrosion and handling, the ride now focuses more on technology and the future of automobiles.

The ride does have a very TRON-like feel to it with all of the neon lights and paint used throughout the attraction.  The queue does feature several concept vehicles from Chevrolet.  The customization part of your vehicle is quite fun, although a MUCH shorter process is presented with you if you choose the single rider line.  You only get to select a few pre-made cars from the touchscreen, vs. a full customization if you are in the regular or Fastpass line.  So if you are looking for the full experience of the attraction, be sure to do the standby, which can become a rather long wait during the day, or Fastpass, which may be a better choice.  But get one early, because they will sell out fast.

I did feel like the ride itself got a bit boring at times, but overall the new experience is visually stimulating and quite a new fun experience that Test Track definitely did need.  One other thing that I noticed is the ride felt like it had a very cold feeling to it, as in the lack of humans interacting with you.  Other than the Bill McKim pre-show video at the beginning of the ride, their is very little human involvement in the ride.  You encounter a few monitors describing to you what is going to be happening prior to boarding, but that is it.  The post-show has the typical Disney interactive games and of course the showroom showing off Chevrolet’s latest cars and trucks, and yes, the embarrassing on-ride photo still exists in the same spot as the previous Test Track.

Overall like I said, it is a great face-lift for an attraction that is almost 14 years old.  Is it perfect? No.  I think it has its flaws, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. 



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