The $9 Cupcake at Hollywood Studios $9 Cupcake at Hollywood Studios

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In celebration of the opening of “The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney is now offering a $9 cupcake for those pirates looking for some booty.  The cupcake is available for purchase at the Starring Rolls Café near the Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant.

What does the $9 cupcake entitle you to?  Well you get a chocolate cupcake for starters topped with chocolate frosting and edible pearls toppings, a gold doubloon, a key and some edible barnacles looking things.  This all comes packaged neatly in a pink or orange treasure chest.

I am all for spending some money on a good Disney treat to satisfy my sweet tooth, such as my favorite cookies and cream ice cream sandwich, but $9 for a cupcake?  I think I would rather spend my money elsewhere.

Photos via World of Walt

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