Cedar Point’s Gatekeeper Stimulating Ohio Economy

Cedar Point’s latest scream machine will not only bring big attendance and big dollar signs to Cedar Point this summer, it is also helping to stimulate the local Ohio economy.  From the footers that are being poured for the massive track pieces and supports, to the actual track itself, Cedar Point is utilizing many American owned and operated businesses to bring Gatekeeper to life.

“We are proud to find the highly-skilled engineers and workers needed to build a world-class roller coaster like GateKeeper in our backyard,” said John Hildebrandt, who is the Vice President and General Manager at Cedar Point.  “It’s wonderful to see Ohioans become an integral part of the GateKeeper team, especially when this is a record-breaking attraction that will draw fans from around the world.”

Read more over at the official Cedar Fair press site.



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