Dinosaur Museum Opening in Cocoa Beach

A new museum is coming to Cocoa Beach, Florida.  It will be home to some $1.5 million worth of dinosaur fossils, and $1 million worth of other artifacts, along with environments to recreate some of the landscaping back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Steve and Donna Cayer originally opened the Dinosaur Store back in 1995.  It has been Steve and Donna’s dream to open a museum on site since they oped the store, and in just a few months, their dream will become a reality.  The museum is expected to draw in some 100,000 tourists and locals a year.  
The museum is being built on the second and third floors of their current retail store, just a few blocks from the beach on State Road 520.  The second story of the museum will house mostly dinosaurs, while the third floor will focus on history artifacts throughout the world, such as ancient African, Chinese, Egyptian, Inca and Mayan cultures.  Nearly half of those artifacts will be real, mixed in with some replica pieces.
The most valuable piece in the museum?  An Egyptian sarcophagus dating back to 800 B.C., which is valued between $150,000 to $175,000.


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