Walt Disney Imagineering file for new ride system patent

Walt Disney Imagineering file for new ride system patent 1


Disney is perhaps the leader in innovative ways to involve their guests in their attractions.  This latest patent, which was designed by Disney Imagineers David Crawford and Ed Nemeth is no exception.  The ride features a vehicle attached to a 360 degree axis to where the vehicle can rotate in a tunnel while projections are being shot around the vehicle on the walls.     It also appears that the attraction can be pre-programmed on a set course, or user controlled, such as Buzz Lightyear in the Magic Kingdom.  Here is an excerpt from the patent:

… a trailing vehicle may be able to shoot/strike the leading vehicle in front of them so as to be able to momentarily disrupt the operation of the vehicle such as by altering their rotation mechanism to cause a quick drop (or otherwise having their operations affected by a trailing/chasing vehicle). In other cases, a scoring game may be provided in the twister ride system in which points are gathered by lining up with visual targets provided in the projected or displayed media along the adjacent projection surfaces or tunnel-like housing walls as their vehicle “passes” through the displayed/projected environment.


The rumor is this attraction is going to be themed after the new ‘Planes’ movie coming out this summer.  No word on what park it will be built at, or if it will be built at all.

If they did build a ‘Planes’ attraction, where would you like to see it go?  Let us know in the comments below!

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