Who you gonna call? Six Flags almost had a Ghostbusters attraction

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Instead of roller coasters and thrill rides, it looks like Six Flags back in the 80’s was looking to add something a little different to its parks.  The first Ghostbusters attraction was slated to open in Six Flags Over Texas.  The ride was going to be built by Intamin and developed by a company called Sente.  But after Six Flags was sold in 1987, the Ghostbusters ride fell through the cracks and was never to be seen again.

Roger Hector was one of the brains behind the project and was recently interviewed over at 2600connection.com.  Here is an excerpt from that interview:

The Hauntington Hotel was a complete design for a Ghostbusters-themed dark ride that was produced for Six Flags (another division of Bally). It was another “first” of its kind as it was the first interactive theme park game/ride, giving its riders a ghost busting gun mounted in front of them, and a variety of sophisticated “ghost” targets to shoot at, and receive a score and prizes. In this way, it was a huge game that required many plays to learn and master. The target ghosts were a combination of physical animated props with CG displays that were combined through mirrors, and they reacted/exploded when hit. The guns were a combination of laser pointer and IR emitter that kept track of hits and displayed the player’s score.

For more information and photos of the ride, head on over to 2600connection to check out the full interview.

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