Could a 650 foot roller coaster be coming to Las Vegas?

U.S. Thrill Rides LLC has submitted plans to build a 650-foot tower on the Las Vegas strip.  The so-called Polercoaster, which would be a S&S El Loco type ride, would be part of the 650-foot tower.  What is a Polercoaster you ask?  It will be a roller coaster intertwined up through the center of the tower.  The coaster would reach the top of the 650-foot tower via the center of the tower on a spiral lift up which will be attached the the elevators.  The plans show the tower will be built near the Tropicana casino on the strip.

The entire project could cost upwards of $100 million after all is said and done, so the company that has designed the ride has approached banks willing to furnish loans for the Polercoaster.

Read more over at the Las Vegas Review-Journal



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