SeaWorld announces 50th anniversary celebration ‘Sea of Surprises’

SeaWorld announces 50th anniversary celebration 'Sea of Surprises' 1


SeaWorld Pakrs will be celebrating their 50th anniversary next year with a list of special events and attractions across all three of its SeaWorld parks.  With Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin opening just weeks ago, SeaWorld is ready to begin celebrating their 50th anniversary with special events, characters and other goodies for its guests.

SeaWorld Orlando did mention that they will share later this year during the fall what is new for its 2014 attraction.

Stay tuned after the break as we go over some of the highlights of this 18-month long celebration of SeaWorld’s 50th anniversary.

Sea World in San Diego will be getting an all-new entrance plaza called Explorer’s Reef.  This new interactive attraction will open next March and kickoff the 18-month celebration.  The new entrance will feature design elements inspired by waves crashing over a reef and of course some up close animal encounters.

Sea World is introducing the ” Surprise Squad” throughout its parks.  These people will be exclusive access to rides or behind-the-scenes experiences, celebration t-shirts or Shamu-themed merchandise, reserved show seating and more.

Expect all new entertainment throughout all three SeaWorld park’s.  From performers with sea-inspired costumes and props to a bubble brigade and splash mob.

A series of giant sea creature sculptures will decorate the SeaWorld parks throughout the year as part of the celebration.

SeaWorld also announced new ways of interacting with their guests.  Such as apps for your smartphone and/or tablet.

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