SeaWorld looking into a different approach for ticket prices

SeaWorld Orlando has a new way to reserve priority for select shows


Ever been to a theme park on a slow day and wish you did not have to pay as much to get in?  SeaWorld is looking into changing the way you pay to get into their parks.  They are calling it ‘dynamic pricing.’  Basically how it would work is that SeaWorld would charge you admission based upon attendance forecasts for that time of the season.  If it is a busy time of the year, expect to pay more, whereas on the other hand you would pay a little less if it a slower time of year.  This is the way airlines, hotels and cruise ships handle their prices as well.

“We’re all kind of fully moving to dynamic pricing. At some point, somebody’s going to take the leap to go to fully dynamic pricing. We think there’s a lot of upside,” said SeaWorld Chief Financial Officer Jim Heaney.

No word on when this will become a reality at SeaWorld, but it is interesting to see SeaWorld is toying with the idea.

via Orlando Sentinel



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