World of Chima debuts at Legoland Florida

World of Chima debuts at Legoland Florida 1


Although it does not open until tomorrow to the public, ThrillGeek was there today and got a sneak peek inside the World of Chima.  The expansion is one of the biggest in the parks history and features an interactive play area and an all new attraction, Quest for Chi.  The Quest for Chi interactive water ride takes you on a journey through the World of Chima.  Chi centers around the quest for Chi, which is a liquid life source for the animal tribes that rule the World of Chi.

Riders navigate their boat through the interactive ride with water guns that trigger certain parts of the ride.  Towards the end of the ride there is even a location for land lovers who are standing at the exit of the attraction to fight back with water guns.

The World of Chima and the Quest for Chi are fantastic additions to the Legoland Florida park and will be a smash hit during these hot Florida summer days!

The new attraction officially opens to the public tomorrow, July 3.

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