Dubstep to return at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Universal Monsters Remix: Ressurection at Halloween Horror Nights

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The house that is making a return from last year’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Hollywood will be retaining its dubstep music, expect this time it will be from a specific artist, Figure.

The Universal Studios classic monster movies of the 1920s, ‘30s and ‘40s defined the horror genre and inspired generations of filmmakers,” said John Murdy, Creative Director, “Halloween Horror Nights.” “For ‘Halloween Horror Nights,’ we reimagined classic characters and placed them in a rave-like environment – a present day ‘Monster Mash.’ It proved to be a fan favorite last year, and in 2013 there will be some exciting new twists.”


One creature that will be featured in the maze will be the winner of the Halloween Horror Nights character design contest, a rendition of The Invisible Man by Christopher Oosting, which will be the DJ inside the house.

Also featured in the house will be the winner of the “Future Frankenstein” episode of SyFy’s “Face Off,” which airs on SyFy on August 20.

This house sounds like it will be a lot of fun and I am a bit bummed I will not be able to make it over to California to experience it.

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