El Cucuy, the final maze has been announced for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

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boogeyman-550x439The boogeyman is coming for you at this years Halloween Horror Nights.  Universal Studios Hollywood has unveiled the final house as The legend of El Cucuy: The Boogeyman.  La Llorona is coming to Universal Studios Florida for Halloween Horror Nights, so Universal Hollywood is getting a new spanish folklore haunted house, based on El Cucuy.  The house will also be narrated by actor Danny Trejo.  Check out the description of El Cucuy from Wikipedia below:

In Spain and Latin America, parents sometimes invoke the Coco (El Cucuy) as a way of discouraging their children from misbehaving; they sing lullabies or tell rhymes warning their children that if they don’t obey their parents, el Coco will come and get them and then eat them.

El Cucuy completes the Halloween Horror Nights list for Hollywood with Insidious: Into the Further, Black Sabbath 13 3D, The Walking Dead, Evil Dead, and Universal Monsters Remix: Resurrection for this years event.  The event kicks off September 20.

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