Marvel to hit the road in 2014 with ‘The Marvel Experience’ interactive attraction

Marvel to hit the road in 2014 with 'The Marvel Experience' interactive attraction 2


Who needs a circus when you have the Marvel characters coming into town?  Marvel is packing their bags next year and hitting the road for a 24 city tour featuring interactive activites and rides that will be the size of two football fields.  The attraction will feature a traveling  “4D motion ride” and other high-tech attractions featuring Marvel’s most popular superheroes.

“The dynamic creative elements we’re developing are going to enable anyone to feel like a superhero like Spider-Man or Captain America,” Hero Ventures CEO Rick Licht said in a statement.

The interactive experience will feature 4D motion ride, 3D animated short films, digital projects, virtual reality and holographic simulators and of course, plenty of merchandise opportunities.

The production will cost $30 million to build and will begin some time next year in 2014.  The event will be staying in the 24 cities for a week at a time.  The locations have not been announced at this time, but we will bring them to you as soon as we hear more.

via Hollywood Reporter



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