Raccoon City from Resident Evil to come to life this year at Universal Studios Florida’s Halloween Horror Nights

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Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon City has officially been revealed for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida.  Join the whole cast from one of the biggest gaming franchises in history as you battle your way through Raccoon City.

“We were able to create incredibly elaborate sets that plant you right in the miedst of Raccoon City’s apocalyptic nightmare, along with terrifying adversaries that will send them running,” says Michael Aiello, who is the creative director of Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon City will apparently be themed after some of the first levels of the Resident Evil 2 video game according to Universal.  Resident Evil has been a prominent name at Universal Studios in Japan’s Halloween Horror Nights, now Universal Orlando will have its first taste of Resident Evil this year at Halloween Horror Nights 23.

Resident Evil completes the haunted house line up for Halloween Horror Nights 23, which includes The Walking Dead, Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead, La Llorona, Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance,Havoc: Derailed, and An American Werewolf in London.

It sure looks like Universal has to hire a lot of zombies and walkers this year between Resident Evil and The Walking Dead.

Which house are you most excited about this year?

Stay tuned after the break for the official press release straight from Universal.

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Nation’s Best Halloween Event to Feature Eight All-New Haunted Houses,
Outrageous Shows and Horrifying, New Street Experience

ORLANDO, Fla. (August 29, 2013) – This fall, Universal Orlando Resort will transform reality into a surreal fight for survival as the critically-acclaimed survival horror video game series Resident Evil becomes a haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 23.

This completes this year’s lineup for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 23, which will feature some of the most outrageously terrifying, highly-recognizable names in entertainment and pop culture. In addition to Resident Evil, the event will also include haunted houses based on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” Mexican urban legend La Llorona and critically acclaimed horror films “Evil Dead,” “An American Werewolf in London” and “The Cabin in the Woods.” Universal Orlando is also dedicating its entire Halloween Horror Nights street experience to “The Walking Dead” – making this the first time ever that all of the scare zones throughout the park will be themed after a hit television series.

For Resident Evil, Universal’s Entertainment team collaborated with the video game creators at Capcom to create a horrifyingly authentic haunted house based on some of the popular video games from the Resident Evil series. Guests will become desperate survivors inside the viral catastrophe, Raccoon City. As they journey through the city, they’ll encounter vicious characters from the games such as Lickers, bloodthirsty zombies, packs of Cerberuses and even Nemesis himself. Fans will be completely transported inside the video game realm – to the extent that one room in the haunted house will appear as if an action-packed fight scene is paused, as if the gamer has taken a quick break before returning to the horror of Raccoon City.

The Resident Evil franchise is now firmly established as a mainstay of contemporary culture with blockbuster live action movies, CG anime, manga, novels and numerous merchandising lines being produced alongside the videogame series. To date, the Resident Evil series of videogames has achieved global sales of more than 57 million units.

“It’s such a great delight to work with Universal on a haunted house based on the Resident Evil games,” said Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, Producer of Resident Evil 6. “The games have become synonymous with survival horror and we look forward to delivering a new way for consumers to experience the Resident Evil world we have created in the haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights.”

“Resident Evil is a perfect final addition to Halloween Horror Nights 23,” said Michael Aiello, Creative Director for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. “We were able to create incredibly elaborate sets that plant you right in the midst of Raccoon City’s apocalyptic nightmare, along with terrifying adversaries that will send them running.”

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