Scarowinds details announced and detailed, event kicks off September 14

Scarowinds details announced and detailed, event kicks off September 14 1


Details about Carowinds annual haunt event called Scarowinds have been announced.  The line up this year features 7 mazes and 5 scare-zones, with one new house and two new scarezones.  Stay tuned after the break as we break down each haunted house and scarezone this year at Scarowinds.


Zombie High:

Know anyone who still “lives” in the 80’s? We know a few undead who do. Where Freshmen are Freshmeat and Seniors are dying to get out. You’ll need more than brains to survive Homecoming at Zombie High.



London Terror:

“Steam” and “scream” collide with murderous results in the foggy streets of terror-gripped London. You won’t find this sinister city block on any maps.


New for 2013: Scary Tales:

Once upon a time, fairy tales were Grimm and every one was mad in this dark, twisted forest where no one lived happily ever after.



This area is famous for two things: cornfields and killin’! You strangers should git on through as quick as you can, but don’t bother runnin’ to escape; you’ll just die tryin’.


A toy box teeming with terror awaits you in this fun factory gone wrong. When demented factory workers, dolls, and stuffed animals are running the show, anyone is a contender for their next putrid prototype.



Fury Industries, a top secret weapons facility and source of many a conspiracy theory, is using questionable chemistry to build the ultimate soldier. Come join us for a for-your-eyes-only tour of the facility where the drug will be sold to the highest bidder.

Last Laff

Last Laff in 3-D:

Ladies and Gentlemen, victims of all ages! Step right up to the clown’s eye view of terror!


Silver Scream:

Join us on a “sinematic” tour of some of the creepiest horror films ever made. Perhaps you’ll become an extra in a nightmare where our director makes the final CUT!


The Aslyum:

Insanity is your only hope of forgetting the horrific sights and sounds from within this twisted Asylum. One step inside and you’ll be wondering: just who is running this place!


Feeding Frenzy: Scare-zone

Our bloodthirsty horde of hardcore vampires goes straight for the throat when you breach their gritty, alleyway hang out.



Mass Acres: Scare-Zone

Death is a walk in the park compared to what the unsettled sprits of our not-so-dearly departed have in store as they await you in the mist on the grounds of Mass Acres.


The Playground: Sare-Zone

Swing by to let our twisted tikes show you that “it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt”…..then it’s EVEN BETTER!

Tickets run between $26.99-$40 for the event.  For more details head on over to the official Scarowinds website here.

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