Universal Studios Japan announces a… restaurant for Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Studios Japan announces a...  restaurant for Halloween Horror Nights


It looks like a unique dining experience will be coming to Halloween Horror Nights in Japan this year.  “Blind Terror, the Dark Restaurant” will be a unique dining experience at Universal Studios Japan during Halloween Horror Nights that features a dead chef who was bought back to life and wants to prepare “the most delicious food in the world.”

The restaurant opens on September 13 and is limited to just 200 people, a night I am guessing.  Here is the official website for “Blind Terror, the Dark Restaurant.”

Here is the Google translation:

“It becomes panic Oshisemaru to “Blind Terror”, taste the screaming and excitement of different dimension![Dark] restaurant debuts Halloween Horror Nights to [9/13 (Fri) -] new sense of horror restaurants × dining!

Cook for one person, even while embracing the dream of creating a “cuisine delicious world”, died at a young age is revived as a zombie finally, to continue looking for the “delicious best food in the world”, to open the restaurant secretly in the dark ….

You in the dark there is no light of one point. And thus the number and variety of exquisite cuisine, taste the Zen-like screaming and excitement of different dimension!

200 seats limited the 1st! Ticket sale now!”

via HHN Yearbook



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