Yet another person kicked out of Universal for inappropriate shirt

Universal Studios Hollywood offering a new and improved VIP experience


I guess this guy did not see this guy get kicked out earlier this summer.  Another guy has claimed to been kicked out of Universal for wearing a “security shirt.”  This time the shirt said “Sophie’s Security.”  Sophie is the gentleman’s 4-year old daughter.  The family was approached by Universal Security before they boarded Spiderman at Islands of Adventure.

Universal issued a statement once again saying “For everyone’s safety and to prevent confusion, we do not allow guests to wear shirts with words such as ‘Police’ or ‘Security’ inside our parks.”

The gentleman was approached and asked to purchase a different shirt, but when he was in a gift shop looking at shirts, he was approached again and asked to leave.

Just leave the security shirts at home folks.

Do you think Universal was right in doing this?  Let us know in the comments below.

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