A Bands, Brew and BBQ performer shows his support for SeaWorld

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1625499_742842469062288_1311049791_nOver the past several months, several bands have dropped out of SeaWorld Orlando’s annual Bands, Brew and BBQ event.  The event is a showcase of concerts that SeaWorld puts on every year during the slow times to help boost attendance.  Many of the artists scheduled to perform have dropped out due to the film Blackfish.  The artists were pressured by fans and animal rights activists to drop out of the event.

One performer though, has taken a different approach and showed his full support for SeaWorld via his Facebook page.  Country star Patrick Gibson seen above, posted this photo on his Facebook page claiming his full support for SeaWorld and all of the positive things they do for the animal community.

Hats off to your Mr. Patrick Gibson for showing your support.

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