SeaWorld Orlando Returns Two Loggerhead Turtles to Melbourne, Florida

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SeaWorld Orlando Returns Two Loggerhead Turtles

SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Rescue Team traveled to James Nance Park in Melbourne, Fla., this morning to return two 100-pound, 2-foot loggerhead turtles.

The first loggerhead turtle was rescued north of Wabasso Beach on October 2, 2013, while the second was rescued from Sebastian Inlet State Park on October 6, 2013. Both turtles were discovered in fair body condition; however, were floating and unable to dive. Upon arrival at SeaWorld, both turtles were given antibiotics, treated for parasites, and provided medications to eliminate excess gas within the digestive tract. Following treatment and further rehabilitation, their buoyancy issues were resolved, and they were ready to be returned.

So far in 2014, SeaWorld Orlando has rescued two sea turtles, and returned three sea turtles back to the water.

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