Legends Dark Amusements Ghost Tour shows you a darker side of Old Town in Kissimmee

Legends Dark Amusements Ghost Tour shows you a darker side of Old Town in Kissimmee 6

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With the rich history of haunted attractions that Orlando has, from Skull Kingdom to the old Terror on Church Street in downtown Orlando, Legends Dark Amusements and the new Haunted House at Old Town have bought back some of the creepier sides of those former haunts.  From reports of a “three-fingered” ghost at the old Skull Kingdom on Internation Drive that left three-finger scratches on peoples bodies, to a “klepto ghost” who will swipe items without returning them to you at their new haunted house in Old Town.

The new tour features a site-seeing tour of some of the “haunted” attractions and locations at Old Town in Kissimmee.  Some of the locations include the historic Old Town Portrait Gallery, where the story goes that the owner of the shop still roams the corridors of the famous portrait studio, and also a restaurant in the area that has had reports of pots and pans flying off of the stove.


The tour then takes you inside the haunted house itself, where guests are told of some of the stories from within the haunted attraction.  Stories are also told of many different practices back in the day when science and medicine were not as advanced as they were today.  Some of which are rather disturbing.  Photos are shown of bodies that families would take to make their dead family members look alive.  Weird contraptions are shown in photos of various ways people were buried to signal if they were not actually dead and came back to life.


The tour does not feature the haunted house in its running state, rather a much creepier quiet atmosphere as you are touring it.  It seemed walking through a haunted house with everything turned off and quiet was creepier than it loud and running.


These were just some of the ghost stories told to us by Legends co-owner Dan Carro, aka Archibald Ashdown, the lead character of the new haunted attraction.  If you are in the Kissimmee area and want to experience a different side of the touristy area, the The Ghosts of Old Town tours from Legends Dark Amusements is definitely worth checking out.  The tour offers a fantastic way to learn about the area and also experience a side of a haunted attraction you normally don’t get to see.


The tour officially starts on February 18 and will cost $20 to attend, and if you keep an eye on their Facebook page, a coupon pops up every now and then.  The tours are at  8pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  And due to the fact that the haunted house is used in the tour, the haunted house will not be operating those nights.



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