First Horror Night changes appear on the Halloween Horror Nights Orlando Facebook page

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Although it may not be much, the official Facebook page for Halloween Horror Nights – Orlando recently changed their Facebook cover photo.  It is a shot of a close-up eye.  What is it?  Probably nothing of significance.  It’s a widely used photo, even on the website for the band The Apologist.

Also, something else has changed.  The HHN website now features three clickable locations, Orlando, Hollywood and now Singapore.  One is to wonder, where is Japan?  BTT has an interesting theory that all three of these parks could be using similar houses/theme this year.  Another interesting theory they post is that Universal Creative could be utilizing some of their folklore and ghost stories to continue the “Urban Legend” haunted houses, such as La Llorona from last years event in Orlando.

These are all just a couple of many theories that will have many people guessing and chomping at the bit for more Horror Nights details as more clues are released.

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