Busch Gardens Williamsburg sets opening date for ‘London Rocks’

Busch Gardens Williamsburg sets opening date for 'London Rocks'


Busch Gardens’ newest show, London Rocks™, will premiere at the park’s Globe Theatre on May 23, just in time for Memorial Day weekend. An international team of more than 500 artists and craftsmen are working on London Rocks, which takes guests on a journey to explore the roots of British rock-and-roll through a 25-minute live-action and multimedia rock spectacular.

“We are returning the Globe Theatre to its rightful place as Busch Gardens’ premier live performance space,” said Scott Gasparich, vice president of Entertainment for the Williamsburg theme park. “London Rocks has been four years in the making and takes Busch Gardens’ live performances to an unprecedented level in terms of technological innovation and creative talent.”

A new stage has been constructed for the show, along with a monochromatic set representing London’s pre-rock era that bursts into a colorful psychedelic journey through the heyday of British rock music. The transformation takes place through 110,000 lumens of video-mapped imagery produced by five state-of-the-art projectors. Considering a typical high-end home projector produces about 3,000 lumens of brightness, the projectors used inside the Globe Theatre will light up the London Rocks stage.

A concert wouldnt be complete without speakers, now would it? There will be 2,000 audio speakers—79 audio speakers around the perimeter of the theatre and two speakers in every seat—that will provide immersive surround-sound experiences for guests regardless of where they sit.

For more information about London Rocks and Busch Gardens Williamsburg, visit their official website here.

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