Water Country USA’S latest attraction reaches critical milestone

Water Country USA'S latest attraction reaches critical milestone

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Colossal Curl’s iconic funnel element rose high above Water Country USA’s skyline Thursday afternoon with the assistance of a 75-ton crane. The 9,500 pound, 1,400 square-foot funnel is one of two major thrill elements in the water park’s newest family thrill ride.

Colossal Curl construction, which began in late December, has moved along vigorously. Fifteen columns, some as tall as a six-story building, have been lifted vertically and anchored to the ride’s concrete footings that were poured in February. The columns provide support for the ride’s fiberglass slide sections. Over the next several weeks, Colossal Curl’s form will take shape with the addition of yellow and blue fiberglass slide sections.

“Placing the funnel was a major milestone in the construction of Colossal Curl. As construction progresses, Colossal Curl is visually transforming into an attraction that is sure to excite our guests,” said Suzy Cheely, project engineer for the Colossal Curl project.

Water Country USA fans began speculating about the park’s new attraction last fall when the first of three teaser videos appeared on the Williamsburg theme parks’ official social media sites. A final video, released Nov. 12, ended the speculation with an official ride announcement. Click here to view the videos.

The park is currently hosting the Water Country USA Colossal Pool Party Giveaway to give one lucky high school group the opportunity to be among the first to ride the attraction. Interested contestants should visit the park’s official blog – buschgardensvablog.com – for more information.

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