Polercoaster all but confirmed to be coming to Orange County, Florida

New information about the Polercoaster coming to Florida


**UPDATE**  Below are some artist renderings of the skyscraper-skyplex, which could very well be the Polercoaster project.  The Skyscraper-Skyplex will be a multitude of attractions, from go-karts, bars, billiards, game arcades, simulators on the ground level.  Then the centerpiece will be the 500+ foot tower with the Polercoaster attached to it.



You can view more of the concept artwork and more details about the attraction here.

It looks like WESH has obtained some documents regarding the whereabouts of the infamous Polercoaster.  The documents mention that the ride is coming to Orange County, more specifically around Mango’s Café just south of Sand Lake Road.

The new tower, once built, will feature a concert hall, entertainment, restaurant and retail space along with the Polercoaster.

WESH also mentions that in these new documents that Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs or her staff met Thursday with Jeff Forrest, president of Winter Park Construction, Joshua Wallack of Wallack Holdings LLC, Kitchen and Alan Helman, founder of global architectural firm HHCP.

We could have an official announcement as early as next week.

We will keep you posted as this is all still hearsay at the moment and nothing has been officially announced.

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