Disney Parks announces new 45th Anniversary Haunted Mansion Merchandise Coming This Fall

Disney Parks announces new 45th Anniversary Haunted Mansion Merchandise Coming This Fall 4


It looks like Haunted Mansion fans better get their wallet prepared for an onslaught of new Haunted Mansion merchandise coming this Fall to Disney Parks.  Here is what franchise and brand manager Robb LaFlamme had to say about the new merchandise coming:

“We’ve heard loud and clear that our guests love the Haunted Mansion as much as we do,” said Robb. “Starting this fall, we will introduce about 100 new merchandise items based on this attraction. Disney Design Group artists have created a style guide containing many new pieces of original artwork. This art will be applied to numerous things including accessories, apparel, home goods, pins and much more.”


The “Happy Haunts” artwork (on the left) will feature character designs that look like they are from a late-1800s newspaper, while the other artwork (on the right) will feature artwork similar to something you may find on dinnerware.


The “Forever Haunted” artwork (left above) features artwork from several familiar faces throughout the Haunted Mansion attraction.  The “Afterlife Advertisements” art (right above) features artwork which features something you might see in a vintage ad.


The  “Fortunes and Fashions” artwork (pictured above) will feature artwork and patterns from certain parts of the attraction, such as the gargoyle wallpaper (right above) and the incredible popular Haunted Mansion wallpaper.

Release dates have not been announced for any of this artwork, but Disney has hinted that more Haunted Mansion merchandise is still to be announced.



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