Legendary announces Kong reboot and stirs the Universal attraction rumors

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Yesterday at Comic Con Legendary and Universal teased the return of the giant ape.  Yes, Kong will once again be gracing the silver screen.  This movie will not be a sequel to Peter Jackson’s 2005 Kong film, rather a completely fresh start.

A voice mentions in the trailer “Being alone in the wilderness, it had gone mad,” then it goes on to show the ape himself banging his chest, and then the worlds ‘Skull Island’ come up.

Now.  We have all heard the rumors of a King Kong attraction well underway at Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando Resort.  Could this new film be the tie in for the new attraction?  One would think so.  The new attraction has already begun construction with ground clearing and a lot of dirt moving.  Also recently, the famous Jurassic Park archway was removed from the Toon Lagoon side to make way for the ongoing construction.

This new area under construction could be a whole new land coming to Islands of Adventure, after all, it is ISLANDS of Adventure and Skull Island is well…  an island.

The ride is rumored to be based loosely of the already in operation King Kong 360 attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood.  The attraction utilizes the tram tour still in operation and features a tunnel with massive screens on both side of you and a state-of-the-art projection system putting you in the middle of the battle between Kong and the Tyrannosaurs Rex from the Peter Jackson film.

What could this new attraction be?  Well.  No one knows for sure, but this Comic Con announcement of a Skull Island film coming in 2016 sure made things even more interesting.

Let me remind you that this is all rumor talk.  Nothing has been officially announced by Universal Orlando yet, but when they do, we will certainly have it for you here.

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