Ninja reopens at Six Flags Magic Mountain after incident

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Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain has reopened after a tree fell on part of the ride earlier this month.

“After a thorough inspection by Cal/OSHA, Ninja has been cleared to reopen for operation,” Six Flags spokeswoman Sue Carpenter said in an announcement last Friday.

“A tree had fallen against the ride track and a train had struck the tree, severing its right front wheel and causing the front axle to derail,”  said Peter Melton, a spokesman for California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

“The train continued approximately 30 feet further, stopped, and then rolled backward 20 feet before coming to a final rest with the front coach hanging on an angle,” he said.

Four guests were treated at the park for minor injuries while two of other guests aboard the train were taken to the local hospital for further evaluation.

After a final inspection, Ninja was reopened to the public with the damaged train removed from operation.

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