Could we be seeing Disney Drones flying around soon?

Could we be seeing Disney Drones flying around soon? 1


In some interesting new permits filed by The Walt Disney Company, it seems Disney is looking into utilizing drones for some rather interesting purposes.

In these recently filed permits, it appears that Disney is looking to utilize drones or UAV’s for entertainment purposes, such as holding a marionette or holding projection screens.


The patent also mentions that the drones could eventually replace fireworks since fireworks are dangerous to work with and can be hazardous for the guests.  Basically each drone would be carrying a pixel assembly that could display images or photos.

The patents were all filed by Clifford Wong, James Alexander Stark and Robert Scott Trowbridge of Walt Disney Imagineering.

This is all just patents and permit talk for now, Disney files hundreds of patents that never see the light of day, but this is certainly interesting technology with all of the drone talk nowadays.

Would you like to see drones replace fireworks at Walt Disney World?

Read more over at the WSJ.



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