Tokyo Disney Resort announces huge expansions for both of their parks

Tokyo Disney Resort announces huge expansions for both of their parks 1



Tokyo Disney Resort has announced a huge new expansion called the ‘2016 medium-term business plan’ which will give both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea new additions.

Specifics have not been announced as to what exactly will be built, but over at Tokyo Disneyland the park will apparently be doubling the size of its Fantasyland section, similar to what happened here at Walt Disney World.  The other part of the expansion is an attraction based on the hit film “Frozen” that is rumored to be going inside DisneySea.  The castle from the film will apparently be replicated inside the park and will most likely allow guests to experience scenes from the movie.   No details have been announced as to where the “Frozen” themed area will be going, but it could possibly be another “port” added to Tokyo DisneySea and theme it around the city of Arendelle.

The total cost of the expansion of both parks will cost about 500 billion yen, or about 46 million dollars.

There will also be a new ‘moveable stage’ that will be built in the DisneySea’s Mediterranean Harbor area for ‘increased visibility of shows and the areas from which shows can be viewed.’  Construction on this project is scheduled to begin in March of 2015.


The park also is considering a new dining experience that will allow guests to view the parade at Tokyo Disneyland while they dine.

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