New Jurassic World trailer pays homage to the local theme parks

New Jurassic World trailer pays homage to the local theme parks 1

If you checked out the new Jurassic World today and are a theme park fan, you may have noticed several nods to the local theme parks.  With Universal being in the theme park business itself, they seem to know a thing or two about how a fully operational Jurassic Park would run.


The trailer features several new areas of the park including a Shamu Stadium type area featuring a gigantic aquatic dinosaur eating a great white shark in which  he then splashes the audience.  There is even an area in the trailer that looks like Citywalk complete with an Oakley store and  Margaritaville.

Universal is even throwing in a monorail that looks similar to Walt Disney World’s monorail system.

If you dissect the trailer even further, the guests of Jurassic World seem to be wearing some sort of wristband similar to Disney’s MagicBand technology.


The park even has a new vehicle called a gyrosphere that seems to be the new vehicle of choice for checking out the dinosaurs up close.  Although, I dont think we’ll be floating around in one anytime soon on the Jurassic Park River Adventure.

If you haven’t checked out the trailer yet, we posted it above for your viewing pleasure.

Would you visit Jurassic World?

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