Carowinds tops off Fury 325’s lift hill and first drop

Carowinds tops off Fury 325's lift hill and first drop 1


Fury 325 hit an important milestone today, the lift hill and first drop were completed earlier this morning.  Mosley Erectors of Richburg placed the final piece of track between the lift hill and the beginning of the record breaking 325 foot first drop complete with the traditional Christmas tree ceremony.

“I’m just in awe,” said Mike Fehnel, who is Carowinds’ vice president and general manager.


Fury 325 is on schedule and slated to open in the spring of 2015, crazy snow winter pending.  If the park has a mild winter with very little snow, the ride will stay on schedule.

Fury 325 once completed will consist of 2,700 tons of steel over its 6,602 feet of track.

The ride will definitely be the centerpiece of the park with its location at the front of the park and will be centered around the parks front entrance makeover.

Photos via Don Worthington, The Herald
Quotes via Charlotte Observer



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