Carowinds installs the final piece of Fury 325’s track

Carowinds installs the final piece of Fury 325's track


Another milestone has been completed in the ongoing construction of Fury 325 today at Carowinds.

The park installed the final piece of track bringing the 6,602 feet of track to a completion.

“We’re still working on all the ride electrical, the pneumatics, getting everything dialed in, we’ve got torquing going on of the ride, the station itself – we need to get a roof onto the transfer track,” said Mike Fehnel, the park’s General Manager.

Fury 325 will feature a first drop of 325 feet and will reach a top speed of 95 miles per hour.  The ride will take 3 and a half minutes from start to finish and will feature many unique elements including a barrel turn, an S-curve, a horseshoe turn, an underground dive and a banked curve.

Are you excited to ride Fury 325 at Carowinds?  We sure are!

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via Charlotte Observer



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