France amusement park to use drones for nighttime show

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Drones are all the rage nowadays.  From using them for recreational use to using them for surveillance, drones have become increasingly popular around the world.

Puy du Fou, an amusement park in France is taking drones and adding a new twist to them.  They are going to utilize 50 drones in their nighttime spectacular called Cinéscénie.

The show is already an amazing experience with 1,200 actors and dancers performing on a 2,500 square-foot stage, switching in and out of 24,000 costumes.

“The team was searching for a way to incorporate new heights to Cinéscénie,” Puy du Fou president Nicolas de Villiers said in an emailed statement. “We wanted to create the biggest chandelier in the world in the sky.” “We wanted to create the biggest chandelier in the world in the sky.”

The park is teaming up with ACT Lighting Design to design the drones. The park has invested about €2 million ($2.25 million) into the project.

Disney has also showed interest in drone use recently by filing these patents.  According to the patents filed, the park would use them for nighttime shows similar to how Puy du Fou is using them.

Would you like to see drones at your local amusement park?

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