**UPDATE** The Orlando Eye to begin installing passenger capsules tomorrow

**UPDATE**  The Orlando Eye to begin installing passenger capsules tomorrow


**UPDATE** Just got word from the Orlando Eye PR department that the first capsules won’t go up until Sunday. We will keep you posted.

The Orlando Eye has announced that the first passenger capsules will begin to be installed tomorrow.  The first set of 30 capsules will be installed on Saturday with the entire process spanning several weeks.

To give you an idea of just how big the capsules are, each one weighs three metric tons, or about 6,600 pounds each.  Each capsule will be attached to the wheel via a shaft and hangar attached to the top of the the capsule.  This is the first time an observation wheel has utilized a ski lift capsule design.  This allows for the capsule to stay level to allow guests the opportunity to walk around inside the capsule.

All of the 30 capsules will feature air conditioning, bench seating and lighting and audio effects.  Guests will also have a tablet with information about the views of Central Florida.

We will be there tomorrow on site covering the first set of capsules being installed.  So be sure to follow us on Twitter and Like Us on Facebook for the latest!



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