Walt Disney World pulls new Epcot “We are here” Starbucks mug with purple monorail

Walt Disney World pulls new Epcot "We are here" Starbucks mug with purple monorail


Earlier last week we reported that Disney was releasing new Starbucks mugs and tumblers throughout the Starbucks inside their parks, now the park is pulling the purple Epcot cup featuring the purple monorail due to the accident the purple monorail was involved in back in 2009 killing the monorail driver.

Disney has announced that a revised version of the mug with the monorail without the purple stripe will be available in March.  The cup is part of the Starbucks “We are here” series featuring scenes from all four Walt Disney World parks.

After the 2009 accident, Walt Disney World retired both the pink and purple colors from their monorail fleet, adding Monorails Teal and Peach in their place.

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