19 manatees successfully rescued from Florida drainage pipe

19 manatees successfully rescued from Florida drainage pipe 1


After several hours of hard work over Monday night, we are happy to report that 19 manatees were successfully rescued from a drainage pipe in Satellite Beach after becoming stuck.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and SeaWorld Animal Rescue rescued a total of 19 manatees that were in search of warmer water in the Indian River and inadvertently swam into the drainage pipe.

The manatees reportedly traveled the length of several football fields into the drainage pipe and eventually got stuck.


All of the animals were reported to be in good health and were immediately released back into the wild.  The manatees were also marked so their health can be monitored over time.  The final manatee was pulled from the drainage pipe around 2 AM EST.

The rescue was a joint operation between the Satellite Beach Fire Department and Patrick Air Force Base personnel, who worked with FWC and SeaWorld Orlando Animal Rescue.

Photos via Florida Today



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