AnimalVision Comes to Busch Gardens with Meerkat Cam

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A new animal webcam has made its debut at Busch Gardens Tampa for viewers to watch live.

The park already features several webcams of your favorite animals at the park including penguins, sea turtles and stingrays.

Busch Gardens announced today that they have added yet another webcam to their collection, a meerkat camera.

Viewers can watch penguins swim at show-off speeds, be charmed by the antics of meerkats, see stingrays glide by so close it feels like you could reach out and touch them, or get some perspective on some of the most ancient animals of the sea, sea turtles.

Users can switch between cameras to check out the habitats from every angle, snap pics of favorite moments and share them with friends and family, download games, pick up fun facts about the animals and even learn about the parks’ worldwide conservation efforts and how they can join and make a difference.

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