New details released about Efteling’s new B&M dive machine

New details released about Efteling's new B&M dive machine 1


Efteling is building what is perhaps one of the most themed B&M coasters ever.

The coaster is called Baron 1898 and will be a B&M dive machine featuring elaborate mining theming.

The park released new details about the coaster a few days ago and it sounds like Baron 1898 will be one heck of a dive machine.

header_Baron1898_baanverloopThe ride will feature a immelmann (a half loop with a half roll), a zero g roll (a corkscrew inside, where visitors experience brief weightlessness) and a rapid spiral to finish it all off.

The coaster will stand approximately 100 feet tall and will reach a top speed of 55 MPH with a total run time of 130 seconds.  The track will run a total length of 1643 feet.

The only other B&M coaster that has such elaborate theming is Alpengiest at Busch Gardens Tampa. It is themed after a runaway ski lift.  I wish parks would begin doing more of these elaborately themed B&M coasters.  It really provides a nice touch to the ride.

Click here to see a neat video featuring a miniature model of Baron 1898 from the park.

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