Polercoaster Conceptual Plan Approved For LakePoint in Georgia

Polercoaster Conceptual Plan Approved For LakePoint in Georgia 2



It looks like the Polercoaster that was coming to LakePoint in Emerson, Georgia is back on track to happen.

The polercoaster was originally not going to happen due to initial design flaws and backlash from local residents in the area.

It looks like the initial design has been modified and has been approved by the Emerson City Council.

LakePoint is a is a 1,400+-acre complex that features state-of-the-art venues for 29 of America’s favorite youth sports and 5 million square feet of mixed-use development. Along with sports, LakePoint includes approximately 29 on-site hotels, restaurants, retail shops, office space and several other entertainment venues.

Orlando is also slated to get their Polercoaster called Skyscraper at Skyplex which is scheduled to open in 2016.  The Orlando version will stand a record-breaking 570 feet high.

If this gets approval it could be a race between Florida and Georiga as to who gets the world’s first Polercoaster!

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