Carowinds unleashes Fury 325, the worlds tallest and fastest giga coaster

Carowinds unleashes Fury 325, the worlds tallest and fastest giga coaster 1


Yesterday was preview day for Fury 325 at Carowinds just outside of Charlotte.  The parks newest and biggest scream machine is the first step in a multi-million dollar plan for the park.

Carowinds invited media and special guests out to be among the first to ride Fury 325 on Wednesday, which was fittingly, 3-25.

After a special ribbon cutting ceremony and some special announcements, Fury 325 was open for its first riders, the first of which were auctioned off to charity.

We also noticed that Rob Decker, the park’s senior vice president of planning and design hinted during the opening ceremony that the parks 2016 attraction will be making a “big splash.”

Fury 325 is not the only new addition for 2015.  The park also allowed the media and invited guests to ride their new SlingShot attraction and sample some of the new food offerings that will be available throughout the park for guests.

Fury 325 is a fantastic addition to the park and even gave the whole front entrance of the park a new entrance area which also looks fantastic.  Fury 325 features several great airtime moments and many close to the ground turns that really make use of the speed the ride delivers.  The ride definitely delivers more negative g’s than positive g’s from the several times we rode it.  Our favorite part was the turn-around and dive into the underground tunnel, which seemed to provide the best airtime of the entire ride.  Fury 325 doesn’t push the envelope for coasters, but it absolutely not a coaster not to pass up, because it punches quite a punch from start to finish.  It is after all, the tallest and fastest giga coaster in the world.

The theming of Fury 325 is not much but it is quite noticeable.  The gift shop is called “The Hive at 325” and the area features many honeycomb patterns supporting the rides “hornet” theme.  I loved the color scheme of the ride and the surrounding area with its teal and lime green colors throughout the ride and the gift shop area, including the coaster track.  The ride also features sound effects and a safety spiel as you climb the lift will.

The closest coaster to compare Fury 325 is Leviathan at Canda’s Wonderland, which I have not yet ridden, but am anxious to do so now that I have ridden Fury 325 and see the amazing potential these B&M giants have.

Fury 325 opens to the public on March 28, the first day of Carowinds 2015 season.

Click here to view the full POV video of Fury 325!

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