SeaWorld San Diego shuts down show to help rescue stranded sea lions pups

SeaWorld San Diego shuts down show to help rescue stranded sea lions pups


SeaWorld San Diego will temporarily shut down its “Sea Lions Live” starting Saturday, March 6 to acccomodate the increasing population of stranded sea lion pups it has been taking in.

A growing number of stranded sea lion pups have been discovered along California’s coast and SeaWorld San Diego has stepped in to help rescue these pups.

This is the first time SeaWorld has had to shut down any of its shows due to an animal rescue.  In doing so, SeaWorld will be able to assign six animal specialists to the care of these pups.  A few trainers will remain at Sea Lion Stadium to care for the animals there as the show is on hiatus.

“SeaWorld’s entire zoological staff is working tirelessly to save the lives of these emaciated and ill animals,” the park said in a statement.

“SeaWorld San Diego has already rescued more than 400 sea lions in 2015, which is more than twice the number of marine mammal rescues the park would average in a typical year. The park is also in the process of constructing two temporary pools for the rescued sea lions.”

The park hopes to have the show closed for only a couple of weeks until the new temporary pools are constructed.

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