Tony Clark unveils Cedar Point’s 2015 Tweetup Coin

Tony Clark unveils Cedar Point's 2015 Tweetup Coin

CP13-613 Challenge Coin

If you follow the Director of Communications on Twitter, better known as Tony, he holds several Tweetup’s throughout the season at the park and gives away goodies in return.

Tony has unveiled the parks 2015 Tweetup coin featuring Rougarou and the other side features a vintage Cedar Point logo.

These coins are only available via Tony if you win a Tweetup in the park.  A Tweetup usually involves meeting Tony somewhere in the park at a certain time and showing him something on your phone to win.

So if you’re heading to Cedar Point this summer, be sure to follow Tony on Twitter @TonyClarkCP and you might just win one of these collectible coins!

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