Worker struck by Impulse roller coaster at Knoebels

Worker struck by Impulse roller coaster at Knoebels


A worker was struck by an Impulse roller coaster train as it was testing earlier Thursday morning at Knoebels amusement park in Pennsylvania

The worker was struck around 10 a.m.  The man was standing beside the ride as the train passed by, striking the worker.

Thankfully, the riders injuries were minimal with cuts on the back of his head and to his hand.

He was sent to the hospital for evaluation and is expected to be ok.

The accident happened at the lowest part of the ride which is not open to regular guests.

Testing was immediately suspended as the park investigates the attraction and determines whether or not testing is safe to proceed.

Impulse stands 99 feet tall and reaches speeds of 55 m.p.h. through 2,000 feet of track.  The ride is the tallest attraction ever to be built at Knoebels.

You can find more information about Impulse via the official Knoebels website here.

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via Penn Live



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