York County working on drone regulations after Carowinds recent sightings

VIDEO - Fury 325 stretches her legs as the new Carowinds scream machine prepares to open 2


Carowinds park just outside of Charlotte is pushing for stronger drone regulations near its park and across the York county.

Several drone videos have popped up on Youtube showing off Carowinds latest coaster, Fury 325, and that has many peopled worried.

“A wrong button move and it crash right into you and your life is gone,” said Cory Williams of Charlotte.

Carowinds has reached out to York County to create strict drone regulations that would prevent drones from flying near its park, especially during peak season when the rides are at their highest capacity.

Banning them on private property are just one of the types of regulations trying to be put into effect.

Carowinds currently prohibits the use of drones on property, but say that those regulations are not enough and more has to be done to ensure the safety of guests on their rides.

An ordinance is likely to be proposed in early April to the council in York county.

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