Cedar Fair trademarks Valravn as 2016 rumors begin

Cedar Fair trademarks Valravn as 2016 rumors begin


As theme parks around the country prepare to open for the 2015 season, the rumors and clues as to what many parks have up their sleeves for 2016 are beginning to surface.

Cedar Fair has just filed a trademark for “Valravn” for a multitude of uses, including an amusement park ride name and merchandise.

What is a Valravn?  Here is the description from Wiki:

In Danish folklore, a valravn (Danish “raven of the slain”) is a supernatural raven. The ravens appear in traditional Danish folksongs, where they are described as originating from ravens who consume the bodies of the dead on the battlefield, as capable of turning into the form of a knight after consuming the heart of a child, and, alternately, as half-wolf and half-raven creatures.

Now the next obvious question is where could Cedar Fair plan on using the name Valravn?  We all know Cedar Point is getting something major in 2016.  The park has already cleared a massive plot of land where the old Good Time Theatre used to be and is preparing for something big in that area.

Many rumors point to Cedar Point getting a B&M dive machine for 2016.  Could this be the theme for it?  A supernatural raven that eats children?  Cedar Fair has been on a kick recently using some supernatural creatures, including Banshee at Kings Island and Rougarou at Cedar Point, the floorless makeover for Mantis.  Or could it be the theme of the rumored wing coaster for Canada’s Wonderland?  No one knows for sure.

This is all just speculation at this point until we hear more from Cedar Fair and Cedar Point as to what they have planned for 2016.  We will keep you posted.

Until then, you can view the trademark here.

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