Here are some selfie stick altenatives for you to think about

Here are some selfie stick altenatives for you to think about 4


There has been a lot of talk lately about selfie sticks at the local theme parks.  The debate on whether they are safe or not has surfaced across the theme park social media pipeline several times.

Just yesterday, Disney announced new restrictions on selfie sticks at their parks.  They want to make sure guests are safe on their rides and attractions, so all selfie sticks must be properly stowed away before the ride or vehicle will dispatch.  They aren’t banned from the parks, they are just being more vigilant about the situation.

This whole debate got me thinking that there are a ton of selfie stick alternatives that are easier to handle and more portable for you to carry throughout your vacation.

Here are just a few alternatives to those big obnoxious selfie sticks:


  • Podo Bluetooth Camera – The Podo Bluetooth Camera is a tiny smartphone-operated camera that allows you to stick it to pretty much any solid surface and snap a selfie.  The product is currently under a Kickstarter campaign and has hit its goal and has 13 days to go.  The camera features a 8MP image sensor and 4GB of memory and has several shooting modes.  You can purchase one for $89 through the Kickstarter campaign or it will retail for $99 afterwards.  There will be a Podo app for both Android and iOS.


  • Apps – There are a TON of selfie-centered apps on iOS and Android.  A great one for iOS is called  CamMe for iOS.  If you have an Android device, try YouCam Perfect.  Search your phone’s app store for ‘selfie’ and there are several to choose from. You can even use your timer on your iPhone or Android device for that perfect selfie.  On your iPhone go to Camera>Tap timer icon at top >Choose time option (none, 3-sec, 10-sec)>Press shutter and pose for that selfie!  There are even apps where all you have to do is whistle at your phone and it will snap a photo.


  • Cameras – There are several high-end cameras that feature reversable LCD screens that flip up to get that perfect selfie.  One of which is the Samsung NX Mini Smart Camera.  The Samsung NX Mini Smart Camera has a mode where all you have to do is wink!  You enable the setting and all you do is wink at the camera and two seconds later, it snaps that selfie!  If winking is not your think, there is even a smile setting, whereas with the wink, all you have to do is smile and it takes your photo 2 seconds later.  The camera retails for $600, so it is a more expensive option, but some people are very serious about their selfies.

These are just a few alternatives to selfie sticks.  If you need more distance when taking a photo, ASK SOMEONE.  Disney World is filled with tens of thousands of people, not to mention Photopass professional photographers located in every nook and cranny that will take your photo for FREE, with your phone!  If you do still decide to purchase a selfie stick, please be aware of your surroundings.  I cannot count the amount of times I have been walking around Disney or Universal and almost smacked in the head with a selfie stick.  And please obey all safety rules while at your local theme park.

Do you have any alternatives to selfie sticks?  Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!



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