Woman accused of stealing cars from Aquatica water park

Woman accused of stealing cars from Aquatica water park


An Orlando woman has been accused of stealing cars out of the parking lot at the Aquatica water park at SeaWorld Orlando.

Tashauna Simpson, 18, reportedly sat at the beach area of the park where the wave pool is and waited for people to leave their bags as they went and enjoyed the park.  She then proceeded to steal keys and credit cards from the bag and then went to the parking lot looking for the victims car.

She also reportedly then used the stolen car she got from Aquatica to commit other burglaries and credit card fraud in the area.

Simpsons had applied for a seasonal job at the water park but won’t be working there anytime soon because she is now facing a bunch of charges.

SeaWorld issued this statement in regards to Tashauna:

“Ensuring the safety of our guests, animals and team members is our highest priority. While we do not discuss employment details for either current or former employees, I can assure you that we took swift and appropriate action in this case.”

There are many ways to keep your belongings safe at a water park.  Renting a locker is probably the best and most logical choice. Yes they cost money, but it is a piece of mind knowing your belongings are safe.

How do you keep your stuff safe at a water park?

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