Disney announces new “Park Pack” for pin collectors

Disney announces new "Park Pack" for pin collectors


There are a multitude of subscription service goodie boxes to choose from, including Loot Crate and Nerd Block, among others that allow you to pay a monthly fee and have a goodie box delivered to your front door.

Disney announced their version today called the “Park Pack.”

This monthly goodie box contains a variety of pins including some limited edition ones, including a limited edition of 500 and two open edition pins that won’t yet be available to guests in the parks.

The pins will range in variety from characters from animated features to attractions at Disney Parks.

A new Park Pack will be available on the first Thursday of every month for a introduction price of $39.95.  No refunds, exchanges or returns will be available due to the nature of the merchandise.

You won’t be able to subscribe like the other subscription services I mentioned above and will have to purchase each box separately.  Maybe if it becomes popular enough, Disney will consider a subscription service?

No word on when the first box will be available, if it is the firs Thursday of every month, then the first one could be June 4, we will have to wait and see.

For more information, please visit DisneyStore.com/ParkPack.



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