Disney looking into possibly charging variable prices for tickets

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Just like airlines and hotels do during peak seasons, Disney is looking into possibly charging guests more during peak times of the year.

The park is currently surveying guests on whether or not the idea of charging more during peak seasons would be better for them or not.

There will be three tier levels for tickets, Gold, silver and bronze.  Guests will be allowed to use gold tier tickets whenever they want, silver would be similar except for some peak and holiday weeks. Bronze tier tickets would be able to be used only during non-peak weekdays.

If you purchase a multi-day ticket across two different tiers, the more expensive one would be the price you pay.

A gold $125 ticket to the Magic Kingdom would be the most expensive, followed by silver which is $10 cheaper and bronze is the least expensive of the ticket tiers.

So pretty much a ticket during the summer, Christmas time would be $125 for a 1-day 1-park ticket to the Magic Kingdom.

This is just a survey going around to guests at the park and nothing is set in stone yet.  Disney does these surveys all of the time with their guests and nothing comes out of it.

It is basically supply and demand.  Disney will make ticket prices more expensive during peak days to deter guests from going and lower ticket prices during non-peak days to entice guests to visit the park.

Would you pay more to go on a busier day at the Magic Kingdom or vice versa?

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